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Stylometry and Text Analysis have been around for centuries and over time have adopted many names to refer to the same service areas. We’ve created a list of our services and related search terms that would fall within each service.

Authorship Attribution

If you need to know who wrote a document and you have a suspect(s) and samples of known writings, then we can help. Through the use of stylometric techniques, we can scientifically determine the authorship of an unknown document based on known writings from a specific person or a group of individuals.

Author Characteristic Profiling

A written document is much like a fingerprint or a DNA sample - there are telltale signs unintentionally left behind no matter how careful an individual tries to hide them. We can analyze a document for sociological and biographical details such as: relative age, sex, educational level, and even detection of first language (for non-native English speakers).


Suspect plagiarism? We can use our stylometry techniques and best practices to review your questionable document against potential others to identify if plagiarism occurred. If you’re not certain of the potential source, Large Scale Document Searching might be the right solution for you.

Large Scale Document Searching

We can take a document and search through hard drives worth of other written documents for sections of the original written work. This can be used to show plagiarism or other illicit copying even if the suspect attempts to obfuscate their trail by dipping only a little bit of text from several documents.

Custom Text Solutions

If you're faced with a specific challenge in your current case and have documents and/or text data, we can consult with you to determine a solution to solve your problem and create the tools to deliver reports specific to your case needs.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are available to defend our reports and methods as an expert witness in your case, defend stylometry as a practice and even review another expert's reports and offer our second opinion.