Juola & Associates

A leading authority in the fields of stylometry and linguistics analysis.

We have successfully applied a scientific approach to forensic text analysis.

Our clients range from billion-dollar multinational corporations to individuals looking for political asylum. When traditional document analysis falls short with modern day text sources like blogs, emails and computer files, we are able to apply our process and deliver results for your clients.

The services we provide include Authorship Attribution, Author Characteristic Profiling, Plagiarism and Large Scale Document Searching. We can develop custom text solutions for your unique case needs and we will testify as an expert witness should the case go to trial and present our findings.

We can help you prove authorship of your documents;
we can help you find the truth.

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Measuring Style:
Document Analysis and Forensic Stylometry

Patrick Juola, Ph.D., CFC, Diplomate

Traditional document analysis can fail when there is no traditional document, as in blog posts, email, or Word files. We describe an emerging forensic discipline of “stylometry,” the analysis of writing style with an eye to identifying or profiling the writer of a document. We describe the theory, methods, strengths, and weaknesses of this important subfield of forensic science, with an eye to practical applications.

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